Brooks Harwood

Brooks was born in Texas (woo!) and grew up in Nashville, TN. During his first year at the University of Tennessee he met his one-day-wife Meredith. Brooks came to college as a new Christian seeking answers and Meredith came to college looking for a good community. They found both in RUF.

After they graduated, they got married and moved to Nashville, TN for Brooks to work as an intern with RUF at Vanderbilt University. After three years they moved to St. Louis, MO for Brooks to get a pastoral degree from Covenant Theological Seminary and for Meredith to style hair. Upon graduation, Brooks and Meredith moved to Houston to begin work with RUF at the University of Houston. And as of November 2018 they added one tiny member to their family: Sophie Kate!

Juan Carlos Martinez

Juan Carlos likes to say he is Mexican by birth and blood, American by citizenship, and a Texan by the grace of God. He moved to Houston in 1996 to attend Rice University, where he attained bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering. After working in the semiconductor industry for nine years, sensing a call to ministry, he decided to attend Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, where he attained a Masters of Divinity in 2012. After graduating seminary, Juan Carlos accepted a call as an assistant pastor at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Houston. In 2015, Juan Carlos was called to serve as RUF Campus Minister at Rice University, his alma mater.

In 2004, Juan Carlos married his high school sweetheart, Samara. Juan Carlos and Samara are incredibly blessed to have three children: Santiago Daniel (b. 2008), Karenina Valeska (b. 2011), and Juan Andres (b. 2016).

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